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7 Wells completed in Nicaragua

1 Causes School opened in Nicaragua

700+ bags of Diego Coffee sold for fundraisers

$20,000+ worth of Surfboards donated to our Surf School

5 Sanitation Water Seminars for Communities 

1 Drill Rig Acquired and Repaired

1 State-of-the-Art Kitchen Built for Coffee Farm

80 Students went on Compassion Causes mission trip to Nicaragua

1 Pizza Kitchen Built

1 Protective Front Gate Built


"I heard this evening the news of what Compassion Causes + Bayside Church is doing at [the coffee farm] with the kitchen. I'm in the middle of a new consulting project and this was the best news I heard all day. I want to thank you for being one of the few to take the time to listen to the needs of the outreach community. And then to actually follow up and deliver. So often this isn't the case and I can tell you that Diego is very excited at the work being done. So, thank you very much from the Yuko family. They are amazing people and daily I feel blessed to be a part of their family. Un fuerte abrazo.

-Chris Yuko [Diego's Son-in-Law]

"It is truly incredible to work with an organization where you see the depths of the partnerships and find health and honesty. All people involved desire to change the world in a sustainable and fresh way; a way in which honors the recipients and donors."

-Christy Johnston, Director of Development for Compassion Causes


“Thank you for being one of the few to take time to listen to the community...and then follow up and deliver."

chris yuko|  family of Nicaragua



Compassion Causes is more than a non-profit; it is a for-a-purpose organization. Our vision is to inspire and empower every person to thrive with a sense of purpose and hope.   



To raise the level of hope in every person by providing sustainable opportunities for lasting impact. 


To listen intently to the community, to give locals an opportunity to lead over projects, pay fair wages and help people thrive through ownership and dignity. 



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